Contemplating Buying a Condo? Read this First!

Contemplating Buying a Condo? What you need to know before you make that decision. If you are thinking about buying a condo you need to understand what you are buying and you need to consider the reasons that a condo is or isn’t a good purchase for you.  “ The bottom line about buying a […]

Short Term Rentals and Fire Risk, What’s the Relation?

Short Term Rentals and Fire Risk, What’s the Relation? Recently an article was published about fire safety for condos with short term rental units. The article went on to state that in Ontario short term rentals of condo units are causing the Corporation to adopt a higher level of fire safety because the short-term rentals […]

Document Reviews, Why Get One?

Buying a condominium, why get a document review? You are buying a condo and your realtor advises you to get the documents reviewed. You obtain the documents and they are overwhelming and nothing makes sense. You do a quick search and see there are about 10 different companies offering this service. Who do you choose?  […]

Board of Directors – Who are they?

Who are your Board of Directors and what do they do? You have purchased your condo and the “Board” seems to be just a group of people that got together in order to make every other owner miserable, right? WRONG. Your Board of Directors of your condominium corporation are elected volunteers. They are elected every […]

Are You Paying For Whats Legally Yours? We’re Talking Documents!​

Are you paying for whats legally yours? We’re talking documents! If you are a condo owner and you decide to sell your unit, you will be advised that you are responsible to supply a vast list of Condo Corporation documents to any potential purchaser. You will quickly find out that your management company has all […]