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Complete Property Management Service

We solved the frustration of delays and slow communication.
Our innovative condominium management solution gives you full control, transparency and fast response time.

What Makes Condo Bridge Different?

We get it, every company offers the world. The difference is we deliver on our promises.
Backed by metrics and happy customers, below are the key reasons why we are the best
Condo property manager in Alberta & B.C.



Fast Responses

From the moment an owner submits a request or question to our property manager, the clock is ticking. We strive for the fastest turnaround times in the industry by utilizing smart technology. This allows ongoing and emergency support to be handled expediently and to a satisfactory resolution for all. Responses are benchmarked internally to understand where we can continually improve our service.



Condo Bridge is actively involved in industry groups and community discussions. This ensures your Corporation is up to date on the latest trends and concerns. Our property managers take great satisfaction in reasoning through difficult situations with a high standard of excellence; they are well organized, efficient in time management and have a broad range of skill sets.


Care and Support

We recognize that this is your home. Your home being one of your largest investments, needs to be managed to a standard that you are comfortable with. Our clients can attest that we have their best interests front and centre for every decision made .



We follow up on every task so you don’t have to. Every request sent through our portal is entered into our digital platform so that owners, Board/Council members and the property manager have full transparency, and nothing gets overlooked.

Here For You, Every Step of the Way

Selecting a new property manager can be a daunting task. Corporations may switch property management companies multiple times, only to end up with the same or worse results. We created Condo Bridge in the interest of the condo/strata owner with full transparency and better communication as a priority. We also wanted to eliminate all the extra charges that are embedded in the traditional management contracts and build strong relationships with owners. We are always fully transparent, and passionate about keeping the client at the centre of the business. Condo Bridge keeps buildings informed of any changes to the Act or regulations, advises honestly on budgets and condo fees, and leverages technology to make Board/Council volunteer service simple.

Free Documents, Live Accounting and Full Transparency

All of the Corporation documents are in one secure centralized location and accessible at any time. Document access is 100% free for all owners.

Other features includes up-to-date financials, submission of any kind of payments via the online portal 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Historically, Board/Council communication has been done via email and can be hard to follow and track decisions. Condo Bridge has developed the most effective Board/Council, Owner and Manager online platform in existence to automate all documents, communication and more.

Ranked one of the best property management in Calgary

Condo Bridge invests heavily in a supportive environment for its Board/Council members and owners, to operate their buildings with ease and simplicity.

What Makes Condo Bridge Property Management Different?

We understand that local presence is key. We have highly skilled individuals in each location providing exceptional service at the highest standard.

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