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Vendor Bridge utilizes the latest technology in order to create positive relationships between its vendors and clients

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Increase the visibility of your business by engaging with potential clients on the Vendor Bridge portal.

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We'll make sure you get paid quickly after approval.  Say goodbye to checks and hello to electronic payment.

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Discuss the scope of work directly through our system, with conversations stored for your records.

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Access everything you need to know in one place, from requirements to payment and even follow-up.  Review your current contracts and keep track of when they will expire.

Save Time, Save Money

We know the struggle of chasing down payments.  
Simply upload your invoice and get paid.

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Our buildings are looking for vendors like you for work

Clients of Condo Bridge access their Vendor portal regularly to search for service providers across many industries such as legal, construction, utilities and building maintenance.

We give them direct access to vendors like you

Our platform offers an easy way for our clients to access a portfolio of vendors, where they can request and compare quotes, confirm vendor certificates, and past reviews.

Our vendors perform exceptional work for our clients

Vendor Bridge creates a supportive and engaging environment for trades and professionals to grow strong relationships with their clients.

We create fast and efficient payments

We use advanced direct billing methods to ensure our partners get paid immediately following final approval from the client.



Utilizing paperless, digital services


Between clients and vendors


Serving clients from coast to coast


Instant communication and payment

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