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 Condo Bridge has developed the most advanced and complete property management software in the industry. The digital platform is highly intuitive and has been designed specifically with the end user in mind; Owners and Board/Council members. We offer software for Partial-Managed condo/strata buildings to streamline the operation of the building. For these clients, we have customized our Condo Bridge Portal to help the Board/Council manage their Corporation by automating much of the process for you. Need help? Don’t worry, your property manager is just a click away. Condo Bridge saves you time and money to ensure your building stays on track for success.


Partial Management Services

Condo Bridge Digital Platform

Condo Bridge’s state-of-the-art digital platform that its clients use on a daily basis. Our digital notice and communication platform averages 95% usage by owners, creating a more engaged community than any other firm. This also eliminates administration and printing costs from the Corporation’s expenses significantly.

Real-Time Financial Bookkeeping

Through the Condo Bridge portal, Board/Council members also have instant access to the Condo/Strata Corporation’s financial statements. Payments can be issued instantly following Board/Council approval. Once payment is sent, the system will reconcile with monthly, year to date and budgeted numbers.

Board/Council Member Support

Long, disorganized email strings are a thing of the past with our online discussion board chat capability. Voting can occur in the platform, with no need to convene a meeting. Full building history of past decisions made by your Board/Council is stored in the portal so that information is not lost when you elect new Board/Council members. Our property managers are available on a fee-for-service basis when needed to provide you with leadership, professionalism, and a calm and reasonable manner in which to deal with any situation.

Free Document Storage

The Condo Bridge Portal provides an easy solution for each and every owner to manage their legal contact details along with tenant, parking and pet details. Printing, signing, scanning and emailing forms is a thing of the past at Condo Bridge. Owners can post building request or concerns any time with two-way communication with their manager or administrator. Our full management clients know that we pride ourselves on responding faster than you can imagine.

Building Maintenance

Managing your building to the highest standard possible is important to maintain each unit’s market value. Knowing when or how to schedule maintenance can be difficult. The Building Maintenance feature has been created to guide and support Board/Council to never forget when items are due for booking. All dates, times, costs, invoices and work orders are saved with the maintenance that was done digitally in the online portal. 


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