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Condo Bridge provides services throughout Western Canada with Full Management and Self Management support. Our team ensures that they understand your unique situation and tailors a solution to suit your needs. Whether you are in a 2 unit townhome or 1000 unit high-rise, our team of dedicated experts will manage your property to the highest standard possible.

Board/Council Member Support

Our property managers are there every step of the way to support Board/Council members with their day-to-day activities and provide sound advice. We offer a discussion board which can be utilized by the Board/Council members in the interest of making critical, timely decisions without convening a formal meeting. With busy schedules, this tool is invaluable to Board/Council members.

Bylaws, Policies and Reserve Fund Studies

Our property managers have over 25 years of industry expertise to provide invaluable advice to navigate critical items such as the Condominium Act, the Regulations, bylaws and Reserve Fund Studies. Condo Bridge also uses industry benchmarking to help guide your decisions based on your building type, age, and location.

Digital Cost Savings and Efficiency

Condo Bridge has developed its own state-of-the-art digital platform that its clients use on a daily basis. Our digital notice and communication platform averages 95% usage by owners, creating a more engaged community. This also eliminates a number of expenses such as administration and printing costs.

Owner Communication

The Condo Bridge Portal provides an easy solution for each and every owner to manage their legal contact details along with tenant, parking and pet details. Printing, signing, scanning and emailing forms is a thing of the past at Condo Bridge. Owners can post building request or concerns any time with two-way communication with their manager or administrator. Our full management clients know that we pride ourselves on responding faster than you can imagine.

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Real-Time Financial Bookkeeping

Through the Condo Bridge portal, Board/Council members also have instant access to the condo/strata corporation’s financial reporting. Payments are issued instantly with Board/Council approval. Once a payment is sent, the system will reconcile with monthly, year to date and budgeted numbers. Invoices are uploaded with the payment so you can see the invoice that was paid. No more waiting for your financial statements.

Building Maintenance

Managing your building to the highest standard possible is important to maintain each unit’s market value. Knowing when or how to schedule maintenance can be difficult. The Building Maintenance feature has been created to guide and support Board/Council to never forget when items are due for booking. This tool also keeps your vendors accountable. All activities, including invoices are scheduled and stored digitally for you to look back on.


Condo Bridge has extensive resources and contacts within the industry to engage condo/strata corporations with reputable vendors. Our relationship with vendors is critical to our success which means we don’t work with any vendors that don’t meet our high standards.